Nothing steals my joy. Nothing.

Last night as I sat at the dinner table, I was genuinely thankful that my house had walls and a roof… Sure, I think I’ve been thankful for my house before, but this was different, I really had something to be thankful for.

My heat was out, and had been for a few hours. It was 20 something degrees out, and windy. We had extra sweatshirts and scarves on, but it was fine, my Dad was on his way to see what was going on with it. It dropped 5 degrees in about an hour and a half and we already keep it pretty cool in here..

This wasn’t my first problem of the day. My kitchen sink has been backed up for about 3 days. Last week it started with the hot water line busting…again…. The day after fixing that the sink started backing up. While trying to clean out the traps, a pipe cracked, so we were having plumbing fun. I spent I don’t know how long with 3 kids in the store trying to figure out what we could eat for dinner, that stuck to our fast, and didn’t need any use of the kitchen or dishes. Oh what a challenge!

After we put the kids to bed, we geared up for our 4th night of plumbing work in the last 5 days. 25ft of snaking with our newly purchased $75 device, and an hour and a half later, to no avail. Perfect. We finally sat down on the couch at 9 o’clock, agreeing that it’s time for a plumber. boo.

All this on top off having to dry clothes 3 times and flip the breaker 5 times before we can get a set of dry clothes. I plunge the kids toilet at least twice a day. I wake up 7 times in the middle of the night, 3 to reset the furnace so the heat will kick on and 4 times to let the senior furball outside to pee… again.. And low and behold, I’m experiencing my worst winter for pain to date, since I was diagnosed 5 years ago.

But you know what? When the plumbing team ended up being the wrong team for the job, instead of getting frustrated and upset, my husband responded with just plain kindness. “Ok, we can wait for a new team to come out, no problem”. I smiled and loaded the kids up and off to school.

It would have been easy for us to lash out, and complain that we had explained what the problem was, how could they send the wrong team? Do they have any idea what we’ve been through in the last week?!

No, they didn’t know that. And it wasn’t their problem. But wouldn’t you know, the team agreed to stay and take care of our problem, even without the right equipment. They found a way.

You see, what’s in your heart comes out most during conflict. Your weakest of weakest moments. #TeamDuffy has been trying our best to press in. Life is hard, things pile up. I can be quite spit-fiery in these kinds of moments, and that’s not really ok. It’s not ok to give up and ever settle for “That’s just the way I am” no matter how old or seasoned you are.

I’m trying to read 4 books a month this year (cause my life isn’t busy enough) and 3 out of the 4 books I’m digging into right now have all said the same thing. What you put in to your heart is what comes out. What are we filling ourselves with? Is it the right stuff to get us through our darkest hours?

Our eyes might have got a little wide at the plumbing bill this morning, but we still laughed, made some coffee, and got on with our day. Don’t neglect the Spirit’s prompting for self-reflection. Call on Jesus to walk you thru and be the light inside you, when the roads get a little dark and bumpy. And never stop praising God for his abundant blessings. Even when the sink backs up, the toilet clogs, the heat goes out, the dryer stops working, your kids in detention, your cancer is acting up, and you’re fasting from sugar so you can’t even put any whipped cream in your coffee……

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