Do you have a FULL plate?

I have several other things that have been on my mind and in my heart to say, but while I’m still editing and going over them, here’s a quick health update.

Since I started a new treatment last September, I’ve had some liver troubles.  It goes up and down and I started drinking this drink called the Bieler Broth, to help with my liver function and remove the excess toxicity in my body.

Many of you might remember how 6 weeks after starting this new medication, I was found to be cancer free, for the first time in 3 years 🙂

Well, that didn’t last long, 2 months later the leukemia was back, and was sort of a lot. Bummer.  It didn’t get me down though.  Some changes in stress levels, and a short interruption because of a delayed meds delivery, may have been some factors for why I bounced out of my undectable status..

No worries though, I got back to routine, continued to watch the liver, and tried to get a handle on my stress during our cross-country move. (yeah, right…lol)

Last week, at my 2nd check-up with my new doctor, my liver was super stressed.. More than normal. Big bummer.  After some retesting, blah blah blah, more details, I found out I may need to change my treatment again.  Booooo.

We may or may not have gained some good insight though.  There’s a potential that I have an underlying genetic condition that we didn’t know about, that might be causing this liver raucous.  Unfortunately for me, this condition and my medication have been known to be a no no, when hanging out together.  Jerks.

So, more testing for that, 12 million vials of blood later, and we’ll be able to know a little more about my awesome chemical makeup. Fun!  Love it!

I count it all joy.  Seriously.  Its a hassle, and busy, and painful.  I’m tired because I have a life outside of #cancer but hard doesn’t always need to equal bad.

It doesn’t. Just doesn’t.  We all go thru a lot of different things in this crazy thing we call life.  Why do we make things the end of the world all the time? Why do we create more work, more stress, while minimizing value, and what is really important?

In a world of terror and conceit, we forget that His grace is enough!  I’ve been mulling over my circumstances a lot lately.  I kinda got a full plate… The move hasn’t made it easy to manage all thats on my plate.. No surprise.


But I’ve been really digging in to why I might have such a full plate…  I know I said it once before, that if having cancer brings God more glory, than not having, then so be it. Because, man, the world is just hurting…. I completely rely on God’s strength through my cancer fight, and well, if God uses me to shine some light in a few dark places, well then, alright!

All the beauty of this life I used to see, gets so shrouded by all the junk.  All the lies and deceit.  Blech! Towered over by all the useless idols 🙁  I needed to see a little victory… Where did all the light go? For heavens sake, where did all these bushels come from?

I saw it. I talked to God about it.  And as our Pastor in Seattle put it so nicely a few weeks ago,

I got handed a shovel, when I asked God to move a mountain

Life is hard.  But lets not make it seem so bad…. Switching my meds again, so soon, is really my last solid option, before we have to start getting creative….  Before I have to seriously consider a transplant, or a risky trial.  But thats all ok!  Because I was given a thorn in my side, to remind me that its all God’s victory, God’s glory, God’s story.  That humbling myself to say I’m weak and need his strength, makes me BOLD, so He gets the victory.  I’m committed.  My life wasn’t going so well when I only had a half a plate of circumstance…  I was dead.  But a full plate is just plain awesome. I’m ALIVE!  I don’t need to worry, because committment to a life with Jesus, comes with a promise.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.  Not as the world gives do I give to you.  Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. John 14:27

He made a promise.  To all of us that believe in him.  He can give to us, what the world can’t… Peace. Victory in our battle!  You can think its hokey, but if you’re troubled and not winning at life, give it a shot!  Take his peace, and he will show you that sweet, sweet joy you’ve been longing for!  Commit to the ‘hard’, and throw out the bad!

My plate is full.  I’ve had to suspend my treatment while we figure all this out, and its proving to be kind of painful.  #TeamDuffy is gonna travel down a crazy new road this week, and we have no idea what’s gonna pop up in our way.  But I said yes, and still say yes.  I made a committment, to surrender my life to his will, and I’m not afraid of what that means.  I still stood up in praise to my KING yesterday, pain and all.  And I’ve got the joy…. I’ve got a plate FULL of joy.  Do you?

Let’s show the world how to rock these full plates.  In Jesus name.



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