What’s keeping us from Jesus?


This is my darling daughter.  She’s sitting here memorizing how to spell the word: Jesus.  I just can’t look at it spelled: Jeus, one more time.  I just can’t. I’ll break. I can’t. It’s for her own good.  And mine too.

The kids get an hour of work to start the day.  1 hour sacrificed first thing in the morning, all in order to not forget how to hold a pencil in the Fall. It won’t kill them… But today?  Almost 4 hours into the day and we’re still here… You can see 1 lovely child is standing in the background.  Another out of frame, is cleaning up what was the giant pencil shavings explosion of 2016..  And this sweet one… Memorizing J-E-S-U-S, before I lose my cool…. Again…

If only they could fully grasp the power, in one.single.name.  Power that the devil himself trembles at.  It’s the most important word they’ll ever know, and the only one they ever really need.

The world around us has long forgotten.  They’ve fought a good fight, but is the world really a better place? Was it worth it?  Giving up Jesus? They got what they want, and now everyone’s gone mad and dying.  How is this better?

Jesus.  He’s missing.

You can keep taking him out of the picture, but he is still the only Savior for our world’s problems.  Anyone can choose to not believe it, that’s fine.  But can anyone that denies his name say in the same breath that this world is wonderful?  Has the plan worked?

I don’t see it.  It can’t be.  It just can’t.  I ache for the truth. I ache for true freedom.  I cringe at the world’s answer to how we achieve that.

How long does it take, and how far will we go, before we realize its not working?  This isn’t right.  It’s all bonkers in my brain, trying to rationalize this new world we live in, and I don’t see the end.  Just us, further and further from the Savior…

It’s right within reach, but the idea of freedom from oppression, has made us oppressed, and now we’re so far gone our fingertips can’t grasp it.  Most don’t even try, or want anything to do with the one who can save us. So further and further we fall.

What a broken and miserable life the words ‘Justice’ ‘Equality’ and ‘Freedom’ have afforded us, just to be honest. When we take it into our own hands, to achieve what these words mean, and not rely on Him to show us their truth. Their glory. Their power. His power.

There can be no more denial.  We will never succeed, there will never be peace; this world has broken my legs and kept me from standing. What a privilege to discover, that here on my knees, with hands high in surrender, I’ve found what we’re looking for.

What’s keeping us from Jesus? Hasn’t someone ever said to you “You won’t know unless you try it”? So many in this generation have never given Him a try.  They deny what they don’t even know.  On principle. Pfffft.  Enough already.  That notion has caused enough trouble. Enough grief. Enough terror.

The scale is so tipped, these other words that are being fought for are not helping, but hurting.  I’m hurting.  The one word, and only word we need, is no longer proclaimed.

For my daughter and my sons, memorizing how to spell His name will not be enough.  They need to know the power of its utterance.  The power behind His sacrifice.  The power His name has to bring ultimate peace.  They need us to show them, His blessed, blessed peace, this world continues to ignore…..

Jesus.  Come quick….



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