2018 for me is…….. Peace!!

I had loooooooooooots of quiet periods of time in 2017…. Many friends mentioned how I wasn’t talking as much as usual.. Well, I was fighting some stuff out. I needed to work on some things, and God apparently thought the noise was cluttering my clarity… So He made things nice and quiet for me. Now, I crave more times in my life that bring #peace 🙂

I cut #crap, I faced giants and held fast to some #bold principals in my life, and last year I #committed to seeking, searching, and praying for strength to conquer some sin in my life.

Now, after all the hub bub of a crazy changing world, divided faiths, judgement at every turn, consequences for living against the grain, and failing support all around us, this is the year to seek the peace that only #Jesus can bring.

I haven’t been good at this in the past. I’m a very independent and determined individual. This is the year. I don’t want to grow to be old and gray, and regret not seeking out the peace of Jesus in my life at every possible turn. And I want to stop watching my brothers and sisters fall victim to the same. We’re in this one together. #peacein2018


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