The thing about God’s love..

I’ve been thinking a lot about creation… God put so much time and effort in to creating this earth and all that’s in it.

In my life, I tend to put the most thought, time, and effort, into the things I care most about.  My family, friends, relationships, service, and my love language, gifting.

Isn’t that so true though.  The things we don’t care about, or know about, get the bottom rung treatment, eh? The slop job when we slap something together without much thought, call it done, and get back to the more important things on our docket.

But I can’t help but wonder…. Were there things that God came across during creation, that he cared less about? Did he say:

“Ok, mountains, trees, fish, TADA! Ugh, ok, another thistlebush here… More mountains! More trees! BIG FISH!  Ugh, two pebbles and a minnow… Fine..”

Uh, what?  I just don’t see it.  The intricacy of it all seem to make that notion impossible.  Everything had purpose.  He delighted in his work.  And he created man to render the care of his beloved creation.

His love is intentional.

He pursued his work with fervor and purpose.  If you don’t see or believe that, get outside, get down on the ground, dig around in the earth.  Walk through a forest. Jump in a lake. Climb a tree and look under the bark.

There’s no mistake, he worked hard.  The detail we encounter observing his work, is no match for what we see the world creating today.  Sloppy.  Cheap. Unfinished junk, with an attitude on the side.  Everywhere we go.  It seems the more I venture out, the less desire I have to be out.

When I head downtown for my monthly checkups, I try to always leave a little time to walk around the city after.  I’m only a few blocks from Lake Michigan, so I head down the street, stop at the end, and just stand and gaze at the vastness of what’s before me.  Just because.  And because I realize my need for it, I can turn around and walk back, refreshed and renewed, having seen just a glimpse of God’s love for me. His creation; his dear child.

It’s enough to block out everything I have to walk past on the street, in order to trek the 4 or 5 blocks back from the water, and it’s enough peace to assure in me the depth of that love.  My worth.  My purpose.  My strength.  All redefined by the great lengths God went, creating that little lake there…

Isn’t that so true of him.. If we are in relationship with him, will we ever know loneliness? If we can SEE his love, just by walking down a city street, does that not confirm the depth of his love? That what he created so many thousands of years ago, had so much thought put in to it, that centuries later, it can be used for me? Kathryn Duffy? Little old me?

His love for me is aggressive.

Our love needs to look different than what the world defines as love.  The world is preaching this passive, peaceful, acceptable kind of love.  But that’s not how he loves US!  The world has redefined enough of God’s words, we need to fight our way back to the truth!

The way we need to love our neighbors and brothers and sisters, needs to stop blending in!  The way my life has gone, the mistakes I’ve made, the sins I struggle with, and the world is just sitting there, patting me on the shoulder saying “That’s ok, everybody does it.  You’ll be fine”  While the fire in God’s heart that burns for me is pounding on my door shouting,

“Wake up! I love you so much! I don’t want this life for you! Here’s the gift of my only son! Take it! It’s free! It will SAVE YOU! Come be with me and I will HEAL you of your troubles!”

Our love as Christians is made with fire!  Take that fire and let it burn so bright, that the world will see how our love is different!  We need to stop placating with the world about this love business and outshine that darkness!

Don’t just send “prayers” to someone.  Fast, pray, send scriptures that you prayed over, and then follow up!  Be persistent.  Get out of your car with your family and talk to that person on the street corner.  Dig in to the problem. Hand them every dollar you got, and pray over it with them right there!  Then invite them to church!

Because the fire that burns in our hearts, is not the key to our love being different.  It’s what fuels the fire. Its the gospel.  The good news.  If we’ve read it and know it and prayed over it, we produce that fuel for our fire.  A fire to burn bigger and brighter than that of the world around us.

Simply.  The truth is that God’s love for us, shown so bright, that he gave up his son to die for us, so that we can live to see another day in his presence.  After all he had already done, the great majesty of this world he created, and a humanity of people, created in his image, that continually rejected him, he still gave more.  He went above and beyond.  There is no minimum with God. He didn’t provide comfort and a hug.  He lit a rampant fire that burned through the destruction of sin, so that we could not only be set free, but feel the actual power of his love for us.

Because folks, we’re getting it twisted.  Our love is mixed up with the worlds mediocre definition of love.  That twisted mediocre worldly love is missing what we should be cherishing the most.

The Gospel

 The fuel for our intentionally bold love.  A love that mimicks the intensity of His love for us. We can love people, and look like everyone else doing it, but we can’t call that sharing the gospel.  Let’s not get this confused.  Love is an act that we actively participate in because we KNOW the gospel.  In reality I could show love to someone, and then they could turn around and show love, pay it forward so to speak, and still not know the gospel.

So is why love in vain?  Why fail to be known by OUR LOVE as he says?

We need change in our Christian community.  We need to once and for all come together, with the backing of the holy word of God, and go out and share this good news.

Because the world is dying.  It’s fading rapidly, in an ocean turned over by smashing waves, and in need of a life vest, a raft, a flare gun…  This world needs a Savior.

If you’d like to ramp up your love tempurature, I encourage you to first start with the 4 Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  You can click on each link to the book above to start right now.  Each of them equally as intense, and great foundational work to equip you in every way possible.

I also have been spending some time with 1, 2, and 3 John.  Poor John was all that was left.  He had watched the rest of the disciples suffer at scrupulous hands, and still had such a fire in him to proclaim the name of Jesus to the world.  What he says greatly illustrates the ways in which we can assure that we are known by OUR love.  Gods love.

And also 1 Thessalonians and Colossians. Paul so loved the church of Thessalonica, and while professing that to them in his letter, also didn’t shy from providing correction and guidence for improving upon their new found faith. Something I believe we as Christians tend to forget, further blending our acts of love with the rest of the world.

What Paul had to say to the church of Colossae resinates so much with whats happening with religion in the world today.  We’re mixing it up, we’re blending things together that shouldn’t be blended, and Paul makes it a point to encourage his brothers and sister that Christ reigned supreme over all other beliefs and notions.

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