That time I smelled like a lumberjack….

Marty and I decided that this was the year that we were gonna get better at sticking to our food/grocery budget. (We eat out a ton)..
So here we are, first paycheck in to the new year, groceries were bought, and I thought all accounted for and the budget with just a few dollars left. I thought I was totally ahead! Then we discovered we were out of both coffee and my expensive “I have cancer so I need special shampoo so my hair doesn’t fall out” shampoo, with 4 days left to pay day.. Ugh. I really didn’t want to break the budget on the first crack at it, so I had to decide between coffee and my shampoo..

So if I smell like a lumberjack in a forest for a few days it’s because I had to use Marty‘s shampoo today (why is my skin tingling?!)

And now it looks like I have about 1 more day of deodorant… So it’s about to get interesting…

#cutthecrap #davesaysyes #4daystopayday #smellingawesome

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