What have we become….

I’m a sucker for certain junk foods. Like,

donuts       &         cookies

And anything with processed cheese lol..  The body pain I was in yesterday was a little overwhelming.  The doctor didn’t really have an answer for me, either.  I felt like I needed to walk it off a bit.

You know what can be motivating?  The idea of buying donuts 🙂

I planned to lug myself to Whole Paycheck Foods, schlep myself around the aisles for milk and bread, with the promise of some donuts at the end.  They’re from Whole Foods, right? So they’re good for me! 😉

Well, 20 agonizing minutes of what might have looked like walking and schlepping, just to find out, there’s no donuts…..

What the heck @Wholefoods!  Can’t a #cancerpatient get a donut around here???

Retelling the story at dinner, my Mom jokingly asked if I was going to write them some hate mail a letter, to which I answered, “I should!!”

Because that’s what we’ve become, folks, isn’t it? We complain, we boycott, we jump on a bandwagon.

We’re messing this place up.

I remember as a kid my mom asking me, to go say Thank You to someone, and I would march over there and do it.  Most of the time, because my parents raised me right, I had already said Thank You, before she had to ask..  But when my parents asked me to do something I did it (most of the time, lol).  The whole walk there, I knew it, I had already said Thank You.  When I got there, I would say ‘I know I already said it, but my Mom wanted me to make sure I said Thank You.” 🙂  The other person usually said something like,

“You’re welcome again, and thank YOU for listening to your parents so well!”

It’s just how we did things.  I have no idea how that was engrained in us as kids, but it was, and it was a win win.  The other day, I said something similar to my dear daughter and she shot back, “I already did…” with a disgusted look on her face..

She’s 7.

What the heck.  Where are we going wrong? What happened to our restraint? Respect? Remorse even?

Many of us have seen or heard about these new bathroom controversies, right?  If you haven’t, the gist is that its become some what complicated to figure out which bathroom, Mens or Womens, one should utilize, while out and about in public.

I saw an article this morning about a gal, buying candy bars for her local Target staff, because she wanted to show her appreciation for them.  They’ve taken a bit of a beating over a corporate-wide decision to allow people to choose which bathroom facility they would like to use, based on their self-identified gender.

People are all in an uproar, Pastors are posting videos, and Mom’s are writing commentary, as to how they are letting Target employees have it, for this decision.  A woman felt bad.  She bought them chocolate.  While I don’t agree with the policy, whatsoever, how much of the decision was left in the hands of a local store manager?   I bet none.

But it’s what we’ve become.  A society of entitled complainers and viral seekers. A society where a person can be born a man, but believe themselves to be a woman, publicly, but I can’t believe that God’s word is God breathed, and He doesn’t make mistakes, because then I’m a #hater, publicly.

I felt bad for the employees, too.  I might have done the same thing, if I saw them having the day handed to them.. Because I’m a disciple of Christ, and my life mission is to be such with a lil love.  I believe love can be shown, without bending and agreeing.  I too, would fear a confused, sick man walking into the womens bathroom when this little face is in there,


just as I would if this one was,


Or this one,


My heart just aches for this world…. This nation…. This loss of sensibility.  Watching the argument for pedaphiles sneaking in to women’s restrooms, pretending to identify as a woman, and that being enough to boycott, yet they’ve been in the bathroom with our sons, all along..  And we’re ruining some innocent employees day by not thinking clearly.

Yes. Get them chocolate.  Write a letter to the stores corporate office if you must.  But this is what we’ve become and its going terribly wrong.

Whole Foods didn’t have donuts, so what.

Someone thinks they’re a woman, so what.

Pedaphiles go to the bathroom, so what.

States accommodate, states don’t accommodate, so what.

Musicians cancel shows, so what.

People make mistakes, so what.

If as a Christian, your light isn’t blazing the truth of Jesus Christ’s sacrificial act of redemption, then your light is shining in the wrong bathroom.

Jesus came and died to save sinners.  To make the world right with God again.  Let it happen…… His way….

Don’t listen to the world, and jump on their bandwagon of vengence.  Sit down for a second and pray to the Holy Spirit himself, asking him to show you what you need to do.  How to act. How to respond.  Pray, pray, pray.  Listen and then act.  You might be surprised at what you’re told to do..

I seriously doubt that the Holy Spirit is acting through some of my facebook friend’s fingers today, as they’re hashtaggin’ (is that a word?) and hittin’ the share button.

I had a little talk with God yesterday… I want to respond better to the world.  I don’t want to act like others out there anymore.  I almost got run over in the hospital parking lot this morning, at no fault of my own, and I threw no fit.   No particular fingers went flying, as I held out my hands to brace myself when he didn’t stop.  It wasn’t my fault, I was in a crosswalk and he was driving straight through a drop off lane.  Yet I was still the one to say “Whoops! Sorry!”

In the office, they didnt have the orders for arm poke #4 ready, so I just sat and read all the medical signs on the walls.  They apologized and I just shrugged and said ” No problem” as I continued to wait for quite a while.  If I would have gotten snarky and snippy, I might have missed the laughing and joking about oatmeal and peanut butter that we all had.

Whole Foods didn’t have any donuts yesterday, so I bought muffins.

Can we all start thinking and praying a little more before we act?  Can we try harder to get it ‘right’?  Can we stop doing and saying things to get attention? Likes? Shares? Views? Because its getting in the way of our discipleship.  Can we depend on the Holy Spirit’s guidance a little more, to reach down in the word, and pull out what God’s word says about how we should act?

It doesn’t mean we let life walk all over us.  We stand up for God’s word, and all that we believe. But a little less throat punching maybe.  A few less ‘Let’s make it viral’ videos, and a little more discernment, ok?  

And more donuts.  Always more donuts.

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