323 324

I’ve probably written 12 different blogs about the whole cross-country move fiasco.  It really was kind of a fiasco…. It was also the second time in 3 years I’d packed my whole life up in 3 weeks time.  There was a certain excitement the first time. There was a bit of feet dragging the second.. […]


Moving back to a town you’ve lived most of your life, comes with some honest expectations.  The buildings are mostly in the same place, the weather is familiar, the stop signs are mostly in all the same places ( I swear they’ve moved the ones I blew last week..) I sort of drive around like […]

Back {some BIG Duffy announcements}

When I first started using the #cutthecrap hashtag, I had a real bitter drive for it.  I was frustrated.  So frustrated with crap.  Crap people posted, crap people thought, crap that was cluttering my life.  It was just everywhere.  Garbage ideologies, nonsense ‘necessities’, unproductive head games. Useless requirements.  {blech} Garbage.  It just seemed like garbage […]

Self Control

It’s that time of year again, when all the craizies come out.  You’ve seen the meme’s I’m sure…   Our forever favorite: I think we should do this… And because people are super smart… Who’s up for some BINGO next year? Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. And presents, and shopping, and stuffing stockings.  It’s […]


After 3 years of waiting, adjustments, yucky side effects, moving to a better climate, finding a better doctor, hundreds of appointments, tests, pokes and prods, I finally got my first big, fat, negative. For 3 years I’ve been waiting for movement in the right direction.  I started out with 323,000 nasty, mutated, defective, white blood […]