The Scary Truth About What’s Hurting Our Kids

This is a terrific article about how increased technology use is changing our kids. The Duffy kids are close to tech-free. They have tablets, but they are still packed up from our trip last summer, if that shows you how often they use them, lol. They watch tv, but only on the weekends (and only if they are getting C’s or better in school). We play video games, maybe, every 3 months or so (when Mom and Dad feel like hooking it up).

Call us old-fashioned, but there really are other things for kids to do. We got out a puzzle on Friday and they spent basically all weekend working on it, in between homework time, church, chores, and getting ready for the school week.

If we really want our kids happy and healthy, we should push for a less-tech trend and try changing the tides of this article. It really is possible.
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The Scary Truth About What’s Hurting Our Kids


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