Empty, alone, and Praising Jesus

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Three empty, lonely chairs.. What it means is, we made it… barely… we were hanging on by a thread in those last few hours, but we made it. Showered, dressed, fed, out the door and off to school.

So there are three empty chairs here. I got to drive downtown, in peace and quite, singing along, drinking my coffee. Parking, walking.

Three empty chairs in the waiting room as I wait for my three month arm draw… by myself… for the first time ever in three years since my diagnosis..

Dont judge. I wasn’t sure I wanted kids. But God asked ‘Could u just do this one little thing for me? Please?’. 6 years after becoming a parent, here I am. Not only did He follow through on his promise to lead me and stand by me, he’s gracing me with giving me some of my life back. I tried my best to be so faithful and obedient.. no matter what circumstance came thru along the way. They were worth every minute of me not giving up. They are still mine, I just get a small break now, and God love ’em, no matter how thankful I am for these last 6 years, I’m praising Jesus Holy Name today!

‘Just one little thing’ He said. I’ve got goodies for my friends behind the counter @ theh Swedish Cancer Institute, we’re celebrating. Not freedom, but a God that keeps his promises. A God that takes your glory and hands over His, because its so much greater.

And because God never breaks a promise, and because he’s super about all that he asks of us, He gave me a super duper awesome Husband that I get to go meet for coffee after this.

He mends the broken, heals the sick, heck, he conquered the grave. He is so faithful.

On to the new.

‘Let us become, more aware, of your presence. Let us experience, the glory of your goodness.’ -Jesus Culture

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