I just spent a quick minute walking around just one of the rooms in my house, snapping pictures of items we’ve collected during our many trips to Uganda. I needed to remind myself that we are, in fact, making every effort we can to surround the kids with parts of their culture, and filling their daily lives with memories of our many trips to Uganda (5 total). Many of these are everyday items that we use, daily. Uganda is a part of all 5 of us.

Imagine the slight {horror} on my face when the kids handed me books after school on South Africa, and said they have to do a report on where they were born, and got these books from the library…. 😮😬😣😧😄

Now I’m sitting here, just taking deep breaths..and chuckling just a tad.

#parentfail #icandothisicandothis #MOTY #crapbagsforthewin #WeLoveUG

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